Quotes it was a painful experience i went through when Cathy had left me, everything became a mess in no time, from home to work, i lost part of the contracts because i could not hold it together after she had left. i contacted many and i was scammed till i came to the rescue of mama julainah, with 24 hours she called me saying she is seeing me become a mess, everything we made was being washed away, she said she was coming for me, to clean me up, the following morning she was in the drive way. the mama told me not to mis behave again thank you mama Quotes
carl max
he returned my wife in 24 hours

Quotes she denied me every opportunity even getting close to her yet i worked with her, it was a painful experience seeing her date other men, coming to pick her for lunch, i contacted mama for the help, she end up with me,. nothing can really define what the mama did for me, all i can say is thank you. Quotes
Diana fell in love with me and were now married